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Thomas & Maloney

Kirsty Thomas is one half of

Thomas & Maloney an artist duo.

Thomas & Maloney first collaborated for ‘Remember what binds you’ an exhibition and program of events that interrogated ideas and experiences of femininity and art practice in the domestic space.

Both artists favour traditional processes, and use analogue equipment to create their work. Thomas uses a 10x8 plate camera to capture her exquisite yet unsettling still life scenes, all of which have been arranged and photographed by the artist in her own home. Maloney’s 16mm film footage is  shot on her Bolex camera and processed by hand, often featuring her own family photograph albums and domestic settings. 


The slow and considered techniques used by each of these artists, and the domestic subject matter their work addresses, honour and echo the traditional ‘crafts’ often associated with women, yet the medium of film and photography is often considered to be masculine. This conflict is felt throughout this collaborative work; a battle ensues between the bound and the fixed, between the masculine and the feminine, as they confront and attempt to eclipse each other. 

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